About Me

Hi, I’m Mike

I started TagAlong to share my passion for the outdoors with others like you. Whether you are searching for a community that encourages you to explore your relationship with nature or your an avid outdoor enthusiast, TagAlong is the community for you.

In person we can share the experiences together. Virtually, we can reach around the Globe, encouraging each other and discovering all of the beauty nature has to offer. I hope you are able to learn a little about yourself, as I have along this journey. And, if you are local, I hope you take advantage and join us on a hike, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

Genesis or Exodus?

As a teenager, I lived in the woods. I ran barefoot through the hills from Mid-June to Late-August. My winter vacations were spent in some of the worst weather in the world, and more than once I’ve climbed mountains in snowdrifts up to my hips, at least that is where I stopped sinking. A lot of life has happened since those days; rumor has it that I’ve grown and become wiser, I suppose time will judge that assumption…

And Now for Something Completely Different

Fast Forward to today, I have a far more mundane life; wife, kid, dog, cat, 9-5 job, and I’m all about sharing. Whether it is my story through the blog, My adventures through photos and video, or setting out together on some new adventure; I’m ready to share my passion for the outdoors and hopefully encourage some of you out there to discover your own passions.
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