Nature’s Paintbrush: Monadnock Sunrise

3:30 AM It isn’t normal to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and decide to head out on a hike, but there I was. I wasn’t in a high mountain camp, setting on on a pre-dawn summit push. I was laying in my comfortable bed staring into the murky darkness debating what to do […]

The Packing Companion: Winter Hiking Gear List

Winter Path

It’s winter and you are snug by the fire staring longingly out the window as fresh snow blankets your world. Okay, that may be a bit idyllic but the theme is there. Thanks to COVID you ventured out on to the trail and now you have the bug. However, seasons change and you are afraid […]

How Does Hiking Change Your Soul?

White Mountains Presidential Range

Me, Myself, and Nature For those of you that want to stand in front of the mirror naked, admiring your body, hiking, walking, and running—these can get you there. I lost a lot of weight and got nice new ripped legs. Read about my physical transformation here: How Does Hiking Change Your Body? Some of […]

Trail Etiquette 101:

Be the Best You on the Trail Look at you! Thanks to COVID and the general avoidance of other people you have discovered the Great Outdoors. Better yet, it turns out you enjoy hiking and spending time on the trails. That is amazing and I’m so happy for you and your new found passion. Now […]

How Does Hiking Change Your Body?

Why are you here? Hopefully you read my first post and were so entertained by my wit that you have been waiting breathlessly for my next post, if not take a few minutes to read it Here. If this describes you in any way, then you should seek professional help, I’m not the writer in […]

A Year of Rediscovery

First 5 are the Hardest This isn’t an actual saying, but it sounds like the folksy wisdom one gets from a weathered old-timer rocking the day away on a moss-covered porch, so I’m stealing it. I measure my journey back into the woods in years, not miles. Mike Darcy I don’t know who is reading […]

Elizabeth River Trail

A new way to Explore your City The Sun was still hanging high in the sky and if I rushed, we could be on the road at a reasonable time still. This was my thought as I closed the shop and headed home to get on the road. Our migration south is tried and tested. […]

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