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This is Carol-min
TagAlong Outdoors is great way to get out and hike with other people that enjoy the outdoors. The hike descriptions are super informative so you know exactly what the hike will be like and how to prepare. Not only have the hikes been fun, Mike doesn’t leave anybody behind. The sunset moonrise hike was particularly special in the winter with the brightness of the snow and the moon lighting the hike.
Carol Moore & Dale Cooke
Here is Rachel-min

TagAlong always makes an effort to ensure those who want to participate in hikes can get to the hikes, and organize carpooling, even when that means that Mike is taking a much longer route to the trail in order to pick up a member. Also, while new members are encouraged to join some of the less intense or challenging hikes at first, it is made clear that this is to help get a sense of a hiker’s skills and experience before they attend a bigger more challenging hike, and that is for their safety as well as the safety of all participants. But no person is ever denied inclusion, or told they aren’t good enough to join a hike.

Rachel Distler
This is Ozzie and his family-min

It was a very long time since I’ve done a hike. And with a family, you get so caught up into the regular routines of work, and kids. I recognized that a parent needs to continue to take care of themselves as well.

Tag Along, was the opportunity to break up that routine and get in some much needed parental self-care. Tag Along was very supportive on our hike. They made recommendations on what to wear, what to expect while on the hike, based on the weather and time of day. It was my kids first hike and my kids were 9 and 7 at the time. So obviously, their safety was a concern for us. They were just fine.

We took our time going up and coming down and that was greatly appreciated. Our biggest highlight was getting to the top. It gave us a sense of accomplishment as a family outside of the house. A memorable experience.

If you are looking for a hiking guide or a hiking group, I highly recommend TagAlong Outdoors. They are for the hiker of all levels

Ozzie and his family
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